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Gilles Ghez, with the revealing title ‘You are me’, decides himself to be the confessed hero of both his boxes and his sketches where he ? As many selfportraits as uninimaginable adventures, where the quality of the realization doesn’t exclude in any way humour and poetry. In a same time than a tribute to the author of ‘The trips of Gulliver’, Jonathan Swift, Jérôme Bosch isn’t far away. ‘Ah ! The paint !’ shouts Gilles Ghez at the mention of this painter of the XVIth Century. Finally, cinema has also a huge place because, according to the artist ‘A painter of the 20th-21st century just cannot ignore this huge contribution who’s the cinematographer’.

Gilles Ghez, if you were …

A movie… ‘The bootleggers by Moonfleet’

A tale… ‘Gulliver’

An author… Proust

A quality… Personality

A moment of happiness… To succeed a piece

A destination… London


For his sixth personal exhibition at Pascal Gabert gallery, Arezki – Aoun share his “Nocturns” visions, full of outlines and evanecent images, that he seems to have seized on the paper before they vanish. All the works are a real calling to an intimist comtemplation and the look dives into the pigmented and vibrant xdepths of pastel, shadows and lights. Arezki.

Arezki – Aoun, if you were…

A movie… An Italian comedy like ‘We’ve been loved each other so much’ by Ettore Scola.
A book… ‘Don Quichotte’ by Cervantès, for the complexity of our connection to the real.
A muse… ‘Fairies’ by Camille Corot.
A quality… Lucidity mixed with elegance.
A luxury… Having the power to focus on what we love only.
A madness… Pack your bags and going on the hunt of gold time.


‘A fleur de jungle’… How can we forget his last exhibition ? His magical animals, tackled to their death, became heaven’s fantasy, some remains of us. He stains us, calls us to mind, charms us and disrupts us without stopping. No wealth for fear, the miror of our anxiety only. Hunger and thirst of the two hands reuniting, snakes maybe, the secret of this ‘Main en miroir’, the good or the worst, the one or the other.

Extract from ‘Fury and Mystery by Jean Clerté’ – Claude Delay

Jean Clerté, if you were…

A poetry: The one of Rimbaud, Baudelaire or Aragon

A temptation: Appealing to my wife

A luxury: Chic underwear

An animal: A dog in a good house

A quality: Patience

A philosopher: Montaigne

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